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BevNET and NOSH presents: Community Call, a podcast series featuring open discussions on pressing topics impacting food and beverage businesses. Each call tackles a topic impacting the CPG industry, and creates a platform for timely insights, expert advice and community discussion. Join a live recording or listen to our past podcast episodes.

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Apr 30, 2024

After Foxtrot - What to Do When a Key Account Disappears

Featuring The Fresh Market, Goodles, & Pocket's Chocolates


May 2, 2024

Working With Sprouts Farmers Market - Keys For Success

Featuring Sprouts Farmers Market & TIG Brands


July 11, 2024

GNGR Labs' DIY Mile-Deep NYC Hustle that Secured Investment and Distribution

Featuring GNGR Labs


July 23, 2024

Launching a New Product? First, Master Product Market Fit

Featuring Jump Rope Innovation


July 30, 2024

Nosh Notables Live Announcement - CPG's Most Influential People of 2024

Featuring Nosh editorial team


Aug 17, 2023

Insiders Only

How Thrive Market Curates Brand Partners

Featuring Jeremiah McElwee


Mar 5, 2024

Conserving Capital - Bob Burke Tells Brands How To Do More With Less

Featuring Bob Burke


Mar 21, 2024

SPINS Plant Based Decodes Data. Which Categories Are Thriving and Which Are Declining?

Featuring SPINS


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Engage in Timely Conversations and Ask Questions

Community Call sessions are free and open to the public – just register in advance and mark your calendars! It’s as easy as jumping into a 30 minute Zoom meeting. These calls will take place multiple times a month and invite the entire community to participate. It is a free opportunity for food, beverage and beer companies to engage in timely conversations and ask each other questions.


“Our plan is to do a lot of these. We have impressive experts lined up to help provide insights and answer questions. Our team will be suggesting ideas based on what we are seeing in the industry. Plus, we want to prioritize suggestions from the community for future calls.”

Melissa Traverse

Director of Community • BevNET

What Do You Want to Talk About?

As we continue to develop future Community Calls, we want to hear from you! What information are you searching for? What questions do you have? Do you have insights you’d like to share with the community? Please submit all questions, ideas and feedback.